The City, Development, and Administration

On the city's website, you will find information about Kristinestad and how your hometown operates.

You'll receive information about where to turn if, for example, you need a housing or plot, if you're looking for cultural experiences or want to exercise, if you need childcare for your child, or if you want to enroll your child in preschool or school.

In this coastal wooden-house city and its rural localities, you can lead a fulfilling life; here, the sense of community thrives. Essential services are nearby, and you rarely need to go far for your needs.

Service industries, industry, and agriculture (both farming and forestry) form the core of the city's economy. Small local businesses ensure that daily life runs smoothly. If you want, you can learn the other official domestic language in your everyday life – in exercise groups, local community centers, at the playground, or even at the fish counter in the store.

The city's service points aim to serve you so that it's great to live here as a child, during your growing years, and to continue living here in all stages of life.

In Kristinestad, history and the present come together in a constructive way.

Contact information for the City of Kristinestad:

City of Kristinestad
P.O. Box 13
64101 Kristinestad

Email: kristinestad(a)

Telephone: +358 6 2216 200

Staff email: firstname.lastname(at)