Give and receive help in your neighborhood through Commu

How to ask for, find and give help safely and easily in Kristiinankaupunki.

Commu is a Finnish peer support app that makes it easy and effortless to help and support others. Kristiinankaupunki is working with Commu to build a stronger and more community-minded municipality. Join Commu to help! Commu is completely free to use.

For example, you can find a running buddy, a chatting buddy, helping hands for charity work, a shelter for a pet. You can also volunteer to help, for example by offering a carpool, a snow job, peer support, a helping hand with yard work.

As a Cittaslow City, the City of Kristiinankaupunki wants to invest in the well-being of its residents and increase the sense of community. In 2024, we will celebrate 375 years of the city and community. Community is about being together, supporting each other, and working together to make the world a little better place. We hope that all residents, associations and other actors will benefit from this new platform and that they will use it to find new forms of community by asking for and offering help. Let's do good together!

How to get started with Commu

1. Download Commu from the App Store or Google Play on your phone. If you want to use Commu on your PC or tablet, join in using this link 

2. Create a free account with your email.

3. You're ready to help and ask for help! Create your own post in Commu to give or ask for help. If you don't create an post, no one will find you on Commu.

4. Tip: You can also verify your identity on Commu with a bank ID or mobile certificate. This way your neighbours will know that you are a real and trustworthy person. You can also check other people's profiles.

Did you know that organisations can also report their activities on Commu?

Find out more and let’s open an account for your organisation too.

Where to get help?

Commu is backed by a team of young entrepreneurs from Tampere. Karoliina Kauhanen, Sami Ekmark and Ronnie Nygren founded Commu in late 2021 because they wanted to make it easier to ask for and give help. Commun aims to reduce loneliness and exclusion, and to increase community and everyday life skills. The Commu app is free to download and easy to use.

The whole Commu team wishes you a great time helping! If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to or call Sami on 044 3774707.

Join us in building a more community-oriented Kristinestad and download Commu!