Integration services

Integration services

Municipal integration services

The city of Kristinestad offers advice and guidance to persons from all countries who are moving to Kristinestad. You can get these services in Finnish, Swedish and English. If necessary, we use an interpreter. The integration coordinator is working at the service point where you also can find many cooperators of integration service.

Integration coordinator:

  • supports and supervises persons who have moved from another country in handling contacts and errands with other authorities (Kela, TE services, Digital and population data services agency, the Finnish Immigration Service, tax authorities etc.)
  • gives advice and guidance on living in Finland
  • makes initial surveys concerning people whose primary goal is not to get a work
  • develops integration plans for persons in need of integration-promoting services in cooperation with TE services.

The integration coordinator also coordinates planning, developing and evaluating of the municipality's integration services in cooperation with the municipality's departments, other authorities and other actors.

Integration coordinator is available at the service point on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9–12 and 13–15.

Contact details of the integration coordinator:

Anette Hakala
Service point, Sjögatan 47
phone +358 40 628 8030  

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