Kielihaaste 2018

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Here are some thoughts by 8thgraders about what they do during the breaks at schoolin 2018and what they would like to do. The parts where the students tell us about their current activities have been highlighted. Happy reading, everyone! 

Student 1. 

We can't play pool anymore, because some catfishes break a stick (catfishes = nowadays seven classes). Usually we just sit and talking with our friends.We need more space here to do something more than that and now we all don't have a sitting place what is bad. I'm that mind that we all have to be place to sit on our breaks

Student 2. 

I usually speak my friends during breaks at school or sometimes l play basketball in the yard but we now also new volleyball field in the yard.  We have too pool in the school but only two weeks somebody brokes pool cue. 

Student 3. 

I speak with my friends and often we laught.We need more space, because everybody haven't sitting place. I think we need more chairs, new sofa and lot of fatboys, because it's not nice sit on the floor.

Student 4. 

I like to speak with friends and play with my phone during the breaks.

Sometimes I go outside and play volleyball and basketball.We used to also play pool but some pupils broke the stick.

I think that we pupils need more tables and chairs because some of us have to sit on the floor.

I would also want to have sofas and armchairs.

Student 5. 

At school during the breaks I use instagram and talk with my friends. There is a volleyball court and a basketball court in our school yard. There was a pool table in school but someone broke the stick.I think that we need more places to be during the breaks. I would like to have sofas in school.

Student 6. 

I like to talk with my friends and play with my phone. We talk about absolutely everything. We used to play pool but someone broke the sticks. 

All I really want to do is be with my friends and have fun.

We need more space and chairs here because some of us have to sit on the floor. I would love to have more comfortable chairs like fatboys. I also want to play ping-pong.

Student 7. 

I almost everytime during the breaks watch Fortnite videos or streams. Sometimes I go out and play volleyball.

I would like to play ping-pong and have a ping-pong table.

Student 8. 

I would like to play pool but some unpleasant person broke the sticks! Now I just Daydream, talk to My friends or play videogames on my mobile phone.